Bernard Greenberg, PhD


Founding chair of the biostatistics department, 1949 – 1972
Dean of the School, 1972 – 1982

The national impact and global reach of Bernard Greenberg’s work was profound. He:

  • RECEIVED a number of training grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), allowing him to travel abroad to train students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty.
  • PUBLISHED the first article (1959, in The American Statistician) on the design and conduct of clinical trials.
  • TESTIFIED before Congress that the polio vaccine actually increased incidents of polio. Misuse of statistical methods had made the opposite seem true.
  • CHAIRED a national committee directed to formulate a process for large, multi-center clinical studies. The resultant “Greenberg Report” is a landmark policy document.



Greenberg’s accomplishments as dean:

  • MADE the school more academically rigorous and improved its reputation for research and teaching
  • REENERGIZED alumni, especially through the alumni letter, Body Politic
  • CREATED the Division of Community Health Service (including off-campus and bachelor’s programs, and the Area Health Education Centers) to help the School better respond to needs of N.C. citizens and health professionals
  • SOUGHT diversity and provided leadership opportunities for minority students


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