Gillings Innovation Laboratories (2)


Joseph Morrissey, PhD
Professor of health policy and management

Morrissey will help North Carolina find better ways to approach mental health problems, including assessing policies for using state hospitals and improving accessibility to alternative services.



Alice Ammerman, DrPH
Professor of nutrition and director of the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Ammerman will study the public health impact of a local, sustainable food system in contrast to our current, high-carbon-footprint food delivery procedures.




William Vizuete, PhD
Assistant professor of environmental sciences and engineering

Vizuete will study harmful pollutants in city air by developing portable smog instruments to measure air toxicity heightened by sunlight and the effects of multiple toxins.



Joseph Ibrahim, PhD
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics

Ibrahim’s Center for Innovative Clinical Trials is developing new statistical methodologies to improve clinical trials of medicines and other treatments.



Ralph Baric, PhD
Professor of epidemiology

Baric will study ways to produce a single-dose synthetic vaccine that is affordable and easy to store which will protect children in developing countries from multiple respiratory viruses.


Last modified: 01/19/21