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photo of students studying in on of the study rooms within the Health Sciences Library Building

Our work and your support have established the UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) on the leading edge of health information and technology. We strive for that position of leadership because a strong HSL enables our users to build a solid foundation of knowledge from which they can expand the limits of their respective fields.To maintain the level of excellence required by our users, support for the HSL from friends and alumni is vital. Your generous support helps further strengthen our capacity to serve our users, on campus, in our state and globally, and positions us to embrace a new era of electronic health information distribution.


photo of the exterior of the Health Sciences Library buildingThe HSL plays an intimate and invaluable role in the lives of our users in a variety of ways. The reliable, up-to-date information and the expertise and experience of our staff greatly enhance the impactful work of our users. That important relationship continues in a variety of ways when people leave UNC’s academic fold. The HSL provides a number of services to UNC Alumni and the general public. And our Friends provide the HSL with generous support whether it’s as a general member of The Friends of the HSL or by supporting specific areas of opportunity. This partnership helps the HSL toconnect people everywhere with knowledge to improve health.


photo of KT Vaughan, HSL Librarian, teaching a PubMed class in the Biogen Idec Classroom

Students, faculty and staff at the schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health are dependent on us to sort through the clutter and provide the reliable information they need to learn, teach and research both on campus and beyond. Healthcare professionals and researchers at the 720-bed UNC Hospitals and UNC’s research centers, including the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, rely on us to help provide information that enhances patient care and treatment. Beyond campus, the HSL provides direct services to North Carolinians through our virtual presence and by hosting NC Health Info. We also provide valuable information to NC health professionals with the AHEC Digital Library. And all of that work is driven by our clear and ambitious goals.


Thank you for taking time to get to know what we do, why we do it and who we do it for. You can join us in that work by contacting us to tell us how you want your gift to save lives, advance science, and enhance quality of life.

photo (top left): Robert Ladd/HSL

photo (middle right): Jerry Blow

photo (bottom left): Lynn Eades/HSL