Access from Anywhere

On-Campus Access

Electronic journals, databases and books are accessible from on-campus computers that are connected to the UNC network. In most cases, no login is required when using a UNC networked computer to access library resources.

Most library computers require a UNC-CH Onyen login. Visitors can use the computers located in front of the elevators on the first floor of the Health Sciences Library by obtaining a guest pass from the User Services Desk.

Create or manage your Onyen through Onyen Services.


Off-Campus Access

UNC students, faculty and staff, and UNC Hospital staff must use an Onyen login to access online journals, databases and books from off-campus.


UNC Hospitals Access

UNC Hospital staff and UNC students, faculty and staff must use an Onyen login to access online journals, databases and books when in UNC Hospitals.  Having problems connecting from the hospital?  Contact Ask a Librarian.


AHEC users

AHEC users affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill must use an AHEC Digital Library (ADL) account to log in to library resources. ADL password trouble? Contact your librarian.


Create custom links to items licensed by UNC Libraries

To create direct, stable links to electronic resources available through UNC Libraries at the article level, use the Link Builder for database-specific instructions.

For links to articles from databases the library subscribes to, start with the proxy prefix: Then identify a stable URL or DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for the article. Add the proxy prefix to the stable URL. The final version will have two sets of “http://” in the link.

Need help? Call 919-962-0800 or Ask a Librarian.


Last modified: 10/27/22