Special Projects & Initiatives

NC AHEC Digital Library

The NC AHEC Digital Library (ADL) is a collection of digital library services and resources to support health care in North Carolina. The ADL supports the NC AHEC Program and its libraries, as well as ADL hospital consortium members located throughout North Carolina. The ADL is fully supported by the NC AHEC Program and membership fees, and it is a part of the NC AHEC Information and Library System Network.

Health Literacy

The Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) aims to serve as the information hub of health literacy efforts on campus and throughout the state of North Carolina. We offer workshops and training for students, educators and health care professionals to raise awareness of the impact of low health literacy, as well as strategies and tools to incorporate health literacy into practice in order to improve health outcomes.

Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases

UNC-Chapel Hill is committed to improving health in North Carolina and around the world. The Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases at UNC seeks to advance this goal by promoting global health research, teaching, and service activities. HSL has partnered with IGHID for a number of past and ongoing initiatives. In 2004, HSL librarians partnered with IGHID and UNC Project-Malawi faculty to establish a library at Tidziwe Centre, Malawi, and HSL continues to support the librarian there through on-site and remote consulting http://globalhealth.unc.edu/2011/05/building-a-global-health-information-network/. In 2011, another HSL librarian traveled to Uganda on a medical mission. Following this mission, she established a custom web portal for Ugandan physicians to access digital educational resources for self-learning. Our most recent IGHID/HSL partnership includes working with UNC Project-China. As part of this initiative, HSL librarians have trained a select group of 24 junior STD/HIV investigators in China, sharing skills in literature searching and reference management. We continue to partner with UNC-Project China researchers conducting systematic reviews.

NC Health Info

NC Health Info is an online guide to websites of quality medical information that can help patients understand and manage many frequently diagnosed health conditions. NC Health Info is widely available, linked from NC public libraries and through NC Live where it reaches community colleges and private and public universities. The site is a service of the UNC Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library.


YOUR HEALTH® is a weekly radio talk show on patient health produced by the University of North Carolina Department of Family Medicine. HSL librarians began exploring a collaboration in 2008 with several pilot projects. Librarians consulted on the development of the companion website, which went live in 2010, and continue to help maintain the website, link show topics to both research and consumer information, and to tag content for discovery https://yourhealthradio.web.unc.edu/behind-the-scenes/. YOUR HEALTH® provides practical health-related news and information to its listeners. The show features health experts, patient experiences and health topics in the news. It reaches more than 30,000 listeners over the air, and the website has had over 500 posts with over 70,000 views by over 25,000 visitors in over 150 countries (December, 2016).

Last modified: 06/21/22