Computing, Printing, Scanning





Where are the computers located in the library?

  • Basement (PCs)
  • First floor (PCs, Macs, ADA computer, and scanning stations)
  • Third and Fourth floors on the curved tables in front of the elevators (PCs)


Are computers available for non-UNC affiliates?

  • You will need a guest pass from the service desk by showing a valid photo ID
  • The computers located on the curved tables in front of the elevators on the First floor are open for guest usage
  • Guest passes are good for 60 minutes for the day, however you can decide how to use it (all at once vs. 20 minutes for three sessions throughout the day)


What software is available on the computers?


Computers located in the Basement and on the curved tables in front of the elevators on First, Third and Fourth

  • Windows XP
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Web browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Microsoft Office 2007:
    • Access (database development application)
    • Excel (spreadsheet application)
    • PowerPoint (presentation development application)
    • Publisher (publication development application)
    • Word (word processing application)
  • Media players: Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player, QuickTime


Computers located on the First floor by the group study rooms

These computers require an Onyen login.  The computers do have the Microsoft Office suite and web browsers already installed.  Additional software can be accessed from the ITS Virtual Lab link on the desktop.  For a complete list of software available, please visit the ITS Computer Lab support page.  For help using the virtual computing options at UNC, visit our guide.


How do I connect to the campus wireless network on my laptop?


For UNC Affiliates

Your laptop or wireless device must be registered and configured with the UNC Network.  For information on registering and connecting to the UNC Network, please visit the ITS guide Connecting to the UNC Network – Getting Started.


For non-UNC affiliates, guests and visitors

Guest wireless access is available throughout the HSL via the UNC-Guest wireless account.  This service provides web, email, and VPN access to off-campus destinations and web only access to on campus hosts, once you accept the terms and conditions.  The UNC-Guest account does not provide access to library resources.


Can I borrow a laptop to use in the library?

  • Check out from the User Services Desk on the First floor
  • Four hour check out with UNC Onecard, UNC Hospital badge, or Borrower’s Card and photo ID
  • Loan period: Laptops must be returned 30 minutes before the library closes


Can I download or save materials on the computers?

Computer users can save materials either by emailing to your personal email account (ex. Yahoo, Gmail…) or by saving to a flash drive (you will need to bring your own).  Computers do not allow downloading software.


Can I access resources via my mobile phone/iPad?

Many of the library’s resources can be accessed via iPhones, Androids, or iPads.  To see a listing, visit our Health at Hand: Mobile Resources guide.


How can I connect to the plasma screens in the study rooms?

The User Services Desk has Mac and HDMI dongles available for checkout.


Where can I make copies?

Copiers are located in the Basement and First floors of the library in the photocopy area


How do I pay for copies/printing?

  • UNC Onecard: Uses money from your expense account.  This is not your CCI account which you may use to print.  If you need to deposit money on your expense account, you can do so at the Tar Heel Teller or on the UNC Onecard’s website.
  • UNC guest card (available from the Tar Heel Teller)


Can I make color copies?

A color copier is located in the Basement photocopy area


Do you have coin-operated copiers?

The HSL does not have a coin-operated copier available.


What is the cost to use the copier?

Basement and First floors $.14 per page
Basement (Color) $.50 per page


Where are the CCI printers located?

First floor photocopy area


Can non-UNC affiliates print from the computers in the library?

Non-UNC affiliates should send print jobs to the Guest printer on the computers on the curved desk on the First floor.


Can I print from my personal laptop?


For UNC affiliates


Non-UNC affiliates

Printing to the CCI printers is not allowed from laptops accessing the UNC Guest wireless account.


Are there other CCI printers located nearby?


Can I print in color?

Yes, a color printer is available in the First floor photocopy area.  Be sure to send the print job to the CCI Color printer.


What is the cost of printing?

Guest printing $.10 per page
CCI printing $.10 per page (See FAQs)
CCI Color printing $.30 per page


How can I add money to my UNC Onecard?

  • Tar Heel Teller, First Floor
    Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.
    Change available at User Services Desk.
  • Add value to One Cards online with your Credit Card


How can I get a guest card to use for printing/copying?

  • Purchase from Tar Heel Teller on First Floor for $1.
  • Starts with a zero balance. Add value before using.


I need to create/print a poster.  Can you help?

The Library offers the following guides to help you create your poster:


You have several options available to you for printing your poster. You can use:


Do you have scanners available for use?

Scanners are located on the First Floor.  PID or Guest pass access required.


Can non-UNC affiliates use the scanners?

Yes, you will need to get a guest pass from the service desk.  You will need a valid photo ID to obtain the pass.


Last modified: 05/13/20