Gillings Innovation Laboratories (3)


Steven Meshnick, PhD, MD
Professor of epidemiology

Meshnick’s center will combine new molecular methods with population-based surveillance to provide accurate maps and epidemiological data on tropical diseases.




Miroslav Styblo, PhD
Research associate professor of nutrition and toxicology

Styblo will look for biomarkers in human tissue that provide clues about why some people are most susceptible than others to the adverse effects of chronic arsenic exposure.




Mark Sobsey, PhD
Kenan Distinguished Professor of environmental sciences and engineering

Sobsey has been awarded two Innovation Labs:

  • The Carolina Global Water Partnership, a collaboration with Kenan-Flagler Business School and Kenan Institute-Asia, will increase availability and usage of home water filters in the developing world.
  • Sobsey also will develop and evaluate a simple, inexpensive, portable field test to detect fecal contamination in water.



David Richardson, PhD
Assistant professor of epidemiology

Richardson will work to develop innovative computer systems that can link and analyze data collected in electronic hospital and ambulance records.




Last modified: 01/19/21