The Good Health Campaign


The Good Health Campaign, a post-World War II drive to improve the health of North Carolinians, benefited from help by celebrity bandleader Kay Kyser. Kyser enlisted the help of singers Dinah Shore and Frank Sinatra to popularize “It’s All Up to You,” a song encouraging their audiences in NC to take responsibility for their own health.

It’s All Up to You Lyrics

Even Superman supports the good health plan
He knows what it will do, it’s all up to you, it’s all up to you
Spread the health alarm through every town and farm,
And preach the good health view, it’s all up to you, it’s all up to you
You’ll find being healthy means more than a well-filled purse
What good’s being wealthy when you can’t buy a doctor or a nurse
When the job is done, we’ll wind up number one
Instead of forty-two, it’s all up to you, it’s all up to you


We need vitamins and medicines and beds to spare
Places where the sick can go to get some care
Lots of new equipment to combat disease
Clinics where the poor can go for moderate fees
Free examinations for the kids in class
A kid whose health is good will have a chance to pass
If we do these things then we will be the state
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great

Do your state a favor, the task is yours alone
Be a real life saver, and the chance is that you will save your own
What a spot we’re in, we’ve simply got to win
The job is overdue, it’s all up to you, it’s all up to you

Get in there, and get yourself some of that health


Last modified: 01/19/21