Fred Mayes, MD


Dean, 1963 – 1972

The context for Mayes’ becoming dean was the turbulent 1960s, in which great social upheaval was just beginning.


A memorial plaque calls Mayes “a gentle architect of change…a bridging force between values of the past and demands of the future.”


A teacher, practitioner, and state health officer with a master’s from Harvard, MAYES oversaw, as dean:

  • EXPANSION of the environmental sciences and engineering and biostatistics departments under chairs H.G. Baity and Bernard Greenberg
  • ESTABLISHMENT of the Carolina Population Center
  • OUTREACH of the epidemiology department, through the Evans County [Georgia] Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Study and other research, that began to show the relationship of exercise and nutrition to health and address health disparities


Last modified: 01/19/21