Gillings Innovation Laboratories

The competitively selected labs will address a variety of
public health challenges through our faculty members’
innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Innovation Labs have been awarded to:

  • Study new vaccines for children, using models that could change vaccine production
  • Develop portable tools to monitor air pollution
  • Study models and methods to address the rising number of mental health problems in North Carolina
  • Improve the effectiveness of clinical trials
  • Develop means of detecting adverse effects of chronic exposure to arsenic
  • Study the public health impact of moving toward a local sustainable food system.

“These projects don’t end with discovery,”

says Dean Barbara K. Rimer:

“We will use our new knowledge to improve the public’s health while training our students to be the next generation of public health leaders and problem solvers. While we aim to move mountains, our feet are planted firmly on the ground where so much work must be done
— in North Carolina and around the world.”


Last modified: 01/19/21