Miss Margaret Blee


“Did you have any trouble with the language in the eight countries that you visited?” This question has been asked me repeatedly and my answer is, “No, with the exception of Britain.”

“Our group had more difficulty understanding both the pronunciation and the words used by the British than in any other country. A British recipe called for one binder (egg), two tablespoons of castor (sugar) and one gill of milk. The indicator on the scale that weighed me pointed to nine-seven. Confident I weighed more than nine pounds and seven ounces, I asked a Britisher what that meant. She replied, “Stones.” Most enlightening!

The English language is used everywhere. The use of American slang, always startling, is also amusing. In all countries, bands, orchestras, radios and accordions played our music. Gone With the Wind was shown to packed houses in Rome. Many of our books have been translated. . .

One can never appreciate America, its greatness, its progressiveness, until one sees Europe.”


Last modified: 01/19/21