Named Collections

The Health Sciences Library is the recipient of a number of endowments and other gifts, which over the years have resulted in a variety of Named Collections. These collections cover a wide variety of topics in the health sciences, and range in size from two or three titles, to hundreds of volumes. Items are housed in the Wilson Special Collections Library.

BookPlateSome of these, such as books purchased with funds from the Anderson-Riggins Endowment, are part of the HSL’s Historical Collections. Others, such as items from the Wilcox Collections, might be in the Historical Collections or on the shelves in the regular circulating collection. Smaller gifts, such as those received through the HSL’s “Honor with BooksHonor with Books logoprogram, will be found throughout the Library’s collections, wherever they will most benefit our patrons.

While a Named Collection might have a particular subject focus, and therefore books within that collection will be near one another on the shelves, Named Collections at the HSL are primarily virtual collections, which can be searched as a group through the Library’s online catalog.

Named Collections and Endowments

Last modified: 01/25/21