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I need to reserve a room in the HSL for a class/meeting.  What do I do?

Conference, classrooms and videoconferencing rooms can be reserved within the HSL.  To reserve any of these rooms, use our Reserve a Room form.

Are HSL Librarians available to help with in-class instruction on searching?

Instruction can be scheduled and designed to meet the needs of your class or group. Classes may meet at your regular location or in one of the library’s computer-equipped classrooms.  To schedule a class, please use our Request for Library Instruction form

I understand there are library liaisons for each of the schools.  How do I find the one for mine?

Get to know the librarian for your school, department, or program by visiting our Meet Your Librarian page.

Are there library materials I can access from my mobile device?

Many of the library’s resources can be accessed via iPhones, Androids, or iPads.  To see a listing, visit our Health at Hand: Mobile Resources guide.

Can I reserve a study room in the library?

Yes, you can reserve a group study room via our online reservation system.

Can you assist me in using EndNote, RefWorks or Mendeley for my research?

Visit our Citing and Writing page.  There you will find guides and links to set up a consultation with a librarian to help you with each of these programs.  The Library also offers classes in RefWorks and EndNote.

Can I access library materials from home?

Most electronic journals, databases, and books are accessible off-campus to students, faculty, and staff.  You will need your Onyen login and password to access these licensed resources. More information on accessing resources can be found on our Accessing Resources page.

I’m looking for materials on evidence based practice.  Can you help?

Visit our listing of Evidence Based Practice guides developed by library staff.  Still can’t find what you need?  Contact our Ask a Librarian service.

As an alumni of UNC-Chapel Hill, can I access materials?

Many of the services provided by the UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) are available to alumni of the UNC-Chapel Hill Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health, particularly if you become a member of the Friends of the Health Sciences Library.  A full listing of alumni services offered can be found on our Alumni Services page.

I would like to donate to the library.  How do I accomplish this?

There are many ways to donate to the HSL.  The Health Sciences Library accepts books and journals on a selective basis.  For more information, please visit our Donating Books and Journals to HSL page.  You can become a Friend of the HSL!  Gifts can be given in many different ways to HSL.  For more information, please visit our Make a Donation page.

I need to have a clearance sheet signed by the library.  Where do I need to go?

Clearance sheets can be signed by staff at the service desk. You must not owe any fines or fees at any campus library or have any books checked out. Electronic access stops when the clearance sheet is signed so make sure your work requiring e-resources is completed.

Does the library have a lost and found?

Yes.  It is located at the service desk on the First floor.

Can I check out headphones or dry erase markers to use in the library?

Yes.  You can check out these items at the service desk on the First floor.  Bring your UNC Onecard!

Where can I go for some quiet studying?

The Fourth floor of the HSL is a self-enforced quiet floor.

Is there a phone I can use in the library?

The library does have a campus phone for use on the First floor in the photocopy area.

Where are the books/journals before 1990?  Does this include oversized books?

Books and journals published before 1990 are located in the Basement.  All oversized books are located on the Third floor.

Can I donate books/journals to the Library?

The Health Sciences Library accepts books and journals on a selective basis. Some of the library’s most important materials have been gifts, but we are not always able to add all gifts to the library’s collections.  You may contact the Information Access and Discovery Department (919-962-0500 or giftsforhsl@unc.edu) to discuss your possible donation.  We also have a page with more information on donating to the library available at http://hsl.lib.unc.edu/donatematerials.

How do get to a book/journal I need using the shelving in the Basement?

Please visit our compact shelving page for information on using these shelves.  If you still have problems, please go to the User Services Desk on First floor for assistance.

How can I have a slide put on the display screen in the lobby?

Send your request via our Share Your Feedback form.  Please provide your name, email and organization information.  A library staff member will contact you for further details.

Can outside groups reserve exhibition space in the library?

Send your request via our Share Your Feedback form.  Please provide your name, email and organization information.  A library staff member will contact you for further details. 

How can I make a suggestion or register a complaint?

There are suggestion/feedback boxes available on the First and Second floors of the library.  You can also send your suggestion/complaint via our Share Your Feedback form.

There is a book/journal I think the library should own.  How can I request the library make a purchase?

You can submit a recommendation by choosing and completing one of the request forms offered on our Request a New Purchase page.

The HSL is awesome!  Where can I give kudos to the library?

Thank you!  We have several ways you can give us feedback on how we are doing:

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