Meet Your Librarian

Click on a name below to get to know the librarian for your school, department, or program. You will be glad you did!

School or area of specialty Name Email Address Phone Number
AHEC, AHEC Digital Library Mary Beth Schell 919-966-3124
AHEC, Knowledge Management Lauren Tomola 919-966-0964
Allied Health Sciences Barbara Rochen Renner, PhD 919-843-7249
Bioinformatics, Data Management Barrie Hayes 919-962-0264
Cancer Information Jennifer Walker 919-966-0958
Collections Susan Swogger 919-966-0777
Global Health Kate McGraw (interim) 919-966-1855

Grant Funding Information

Brenda Linares 919-962-0801

Instructional Design,

Media Literacy

Bob Ladd 919-962-0601
NC Translational & Clinical Sciences Institute Barrie Hayes 919-962-0264
School of Medicine Lara Handler 919-843-6235
School of Dentistry Kate McGraw 919-966-1855
School of Nursing Elizabeth Moreton 919-966-0952
School of Pharmacy Rachael Posey 919-966-8011
School of Public Health Mary White
Brenda Linares
Special Collections & History of the Health Sciences Dawne Lucas 919-966-1776
UNC Hospitals Clinical Departments Karen Crowell
Sarah Wright

UNC Hospitals Administration,

Consumer Health

Christie Silbajoris 919-843-6236

The librarian working with your department can:

  • Partner in grant preparation and systematic reviews of the literature
  • Assist with information location, evaluation, organization, and presentation
  • Integrate information competency instruction into courses, curriculum, and continuing education
  • Develop tools for staying up to date with the research in your field
  • Provide information about copyright and changing publication practices
  • Orient new faculty and staff to library resources and services
  • Send alerts about new information tools, library services and programs
  • Communicate your needs for resources and services to the library

HSL librarians work with schools or departments based on the librarian's education, prior experience, and research interests. Through this work, librarians develop a deeper understanding of the information needs and resources in a field. Their accumulated knowledge directly benefits the schools and departments through high quality customized library services provided to students, faculty, clinicians, and staff.