Welcome to our new Interns at UNC Healthcare!

By Lynn Eades June 28, 2017

As you arrive at UNC and orient yourself to the services on campus, we want to make sure you are aware of the assistance the Health Sciences Library and its librarian specialists can provide you.

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.” Neil Gaiman, Author

Top 10 Way HSL can help Residents and Interns:

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright, MLS
Clinical Librarian and GME Specialist

  1. A dedicated librarian for GME/Residents is available at HSL. Her name is Sarah Wright, Clinical Librarian and GME Specialist, and she can be contacted at wrightst@med.unc.edu
  2. HSL has an overview guide to library services specifically tailored to the needs of residents at UNC.
  3. Librarians at HSL can improve patient care by providing Evidence-Based research to assist in therapy decision-making and patient care. See our Clinical Reference Resources Guide.
  4. Need clinical information to answer questions raised during Rounds? Contact HSL through ASKLIBS or chat to get help (or you can contact Sarah Wright, wrightst@med.unc.edu directly). Ms. Wright can even round with your clinical team!
  5. Need practice finding Evidence-based information? Work through our HSL EBM tutorials designed specifically for residency programs at UNC.
  6. HSL can provide copies of articles delivered to your email inbox whether the articles are owned by UNC or not. And free of charge, too! Go to ILL services.
  7. Contact Librarians at HSL via phone, in person, through chat, or email. Librarians are also available to help via email during weekend hours, too.
  8. HSL librarians can play an integral role in your research: provide one-on-one consults to discuss search topics, assist with the research and publishing process, help identify journals and open access methods for your publication, and be a valuable member of your systematic review/research team.
  9. Assistance with Case Report presentations. HSL librarians can help you find information to present at case conferences, locate graphics and other visual aids for your presentation, and help you with publication of your case report.
  10. HSL has a staff member who can help with poster presentations and other graphic design assistance.

Please feel free to contact your librarian, Sarah Wright, for additional help. Welcome to UNC!

Last modified: 08/01/17