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By wp_aedile May 31, 2022

In recognition of Pride Month, the Health Sciences Library (HSL) is highlighting two health resources focused on LGBTQIA+ communities.

Health of LGBTQIA+ Individuals is a guide for UNC students, researchers, and the public. It features health websites and videos, patient resources, research reports, database search terms, and clinical education resources.

The NC Health Info LGBTQIA+ Health webpage is specifically for LGBTQIA+ people in North Carolina seeking quality health information. People visiting the site can learn about patient rights and specific health conditions. They can also get connected with support centers, crisis hotlines, and healthcare providers.

Both resources are edited and maintained by UNC health sciences librarian Stacy Torian. Torian selected the resource content in consultation with UNC colleagues from the LGBTQ Center, University Libraries, and the Department of Social Medicine. She gained additional insights from UNC health sciences graduate students, resource guides at other institutions, and national conference presentations on LGBTQIA+ health.

Visit these pages to see a full listing of Health Sciences Library resource guides and NC Health Info resources:

Health Sciences Library Guides:

NC Health Info:

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