HSL Systematic Review Workshop June 7th and June 9th

Bywp_aedile May 4, 2022

The Health Sciences Library is offering our 2nd annual summer Workshop on Systematic Review Methods and Tools June 7th and 9th via Zoom.

This free, two day workshop is open to all UNC-Chapel Hill or UNC Medical Center affiliates. It covers various aspects of systematic reviews for research synthesis through sessions taught by HSL librarians, including sessions on the systematic review process and standards, PRISMA guidelines and checklist, conducting comprehensive literature searches, review project management, citation management for reviews, using Covidence for citation screening, and artificial intelligence for review tasks. The workshop will also include a Q&A panel presentation with systematic review experts across disciplines and two Open Lab times for individual attendees to meet with review experts at HSL to ask questions and get advice on a planned review or review-related questions. The workshop is recommended for individuals or research teams who are planning to conduct a review or want more information about systematic reviews.

Workshop sessions on June 7th: Introduction to Review Methods, PRISMA Guidelines and Checklist, Comprehensive Literature Searching for Reviews, Review Project Management, and Open Lab 1.

Workshop sessions on June 9th: Citation Management for Reviews, Covidence for Citation Screening, Artificial Intelligence and Automation Tools for Review Tasks, the HSL SR Publication Toolkit, Voices of Experience: A Panel of Systematic Review Experts, and Open Lab 2.

Workshop information and to register: https://apps2.research.unc.edu/events/index.cfm?event=events.go&key=B260

Last modified:05/04/22