ClinicalKey available at UNC-Chapel Hill

By Chad Haefele July 20, 2023

The University Libraries has subscribed to ClinicalKey for three years.

ClinicalKey is a web-based product that provides access to current core clinical textbooks and journals. In addition to being the only source for many key foundational textbooks, Clinical Key delivers information that helps clinicians make evidence-based decisions at the point of care.

Campus access to ClinicalKey is available via the Library’s online catalog. The titles of books and journals that are part of the ClinicalKey package will soon be individually searchable, as well.

In three years, the University Libraries will re-evaluate the use and pricing of ClinicalKey, as well as alternatives that may become available by then.

If you have questions about using ClinicalKey or implementing resources into curricular activities, please connect with your subject expert at the Health Sciences Library. You may also contact Sarah Wright, HSL head of clinical and statewide engagement, at

Last modified: 07/21/23