Journal Cancellations Review 2013 Results

Thank you to all of the faculty and students from the institutions the UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) serves who provided their feedback during the Journal Cancellations Review 2013 process (late spring 2013). We received feedback from 435 respondents who provided a total of 11,725 rankings for the 111 titles listed. All feedback was invaluable and played a significant role in the results of the review process.

As a result of the review 56 titles were cancelled, yielding nearly $70,000 in savings. We feel the decisions made support our goal of keeping as much valued content available as possible and minimizing negative impact on our users, while still making necessary budget reductions.

Finalizing the decisions took longer than expected as some titles we listed were affected by negotiations for 2014 renewals, while other titles transferred to new publishers very late in 2013, becoming subject to existing agreements. At this time the cancellations have gone into effect. Please contact Christie Degener or Susan Swogger with any questions or concerns.

Last modified: 12/19/16
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