Transcript: NIH Public Access Policy

Jennifer Walker, Reference Librarian, discusses how the HSL can help with the NIH Public Access Policy.


Hi, I’m Jennifer a reference librarian at Health Science Library specializing in providing information to interdisciplinary cancer researchers and clinical providers.

One of the areas that I specialize in is providing instruction about federally funded public access policies.

Today I am going to talk to you about the NIH Public Access Policy.

Many federal funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health require that all peer-reviewed publications arising from NIH funded research be submitted to the digital archive PubMed Central where they are freely made available to the public.

We’ve built an extensive guide where we first explain the basics of the policy, what it is, and how you need to comply.

It then goes on to lead you through the process of making your NIH funded research or other federally funded research compliant with the law.

Including ways to address copyright agreement, or submit past publications retrospectively through the NIHMS system.

Compliance is managed through My NCBI and several of these tabs provide detailed instructions on setting up an account with My NCBI.

Linking to your ERA commons account, assigning delegates, and ongoing management of your compliance.

Lastly we provide answers to frequently asked questions and contact information for a number of help desks and our own Ask a Librarian systems. Beyond this guide, we offer a one-hour informational session that is taught monthly or on-demand to your department or group.

For more information on how we can assist you on this, contact us by using the Ask a Librarian link located at the top of our homepage.

Last modified: 06/29/17