Transcript: Education Services

Kate McGraw, Dental Liaison, discusses how HSL can help with education services.


Hello, my name is Kate McGraw, and I’m one of the librarians at the Health Sciences Library.

I want to tell you how Health Sciences Library staff members can help you with your education programs. Either by teaching with you in the classroom or by creating online tutorials that provide self-directed learning in support of your education program.

Our homepage introduces you to the librarians who specialize in the education needs for UNC Chapel Hill
professional schools, departments, and clinical areas.

For example, Mary White and Brenda Linares specialize in Public Health education. When I select the Public Health Guide, I go to a page where I see a link to their slides for an introduction to library research which they call Library 101 Go Beyond Google and Still Make Happy Hour.

This instruction session provides students with the conceptual understanding of how to ask a good research question and translate it into a search strategy.

Brenda and Mary also provide instruction on how to gather, store, and organize research articles using programs such as Mendeley, EndNote, or Faculty of 1,000 Workspace.

Not all of our instruction is directly related to traditional library topics. For example, I teach an oral health literacy class to the second-year dental students.

Barbara Renner, our Allied Health Sciences librarian, works with Bob Ladd to provide media design instruction and teach students how to create effective academic posters.

And if your group does not have time for a face-to-face session, we can create online training materials.

I’m going back to the HSL homepage now to go to the page that links all of our subject guides.

I’m selecting the medical resident EBM training to show you the tutorials developed by Sarah Wright, our Graduate Medical Education Specialist. These tutorials provide new residents with a review of the principles of evidence-based medicine and include case scenarios relevant to their specialty area.

So get in touch with us to see how we can support your education program.

It’s as easy as clicking on the Ask A Librarian link found at the top of all of our webpages.

Use the email form to tell us what you want to do, and we will find the right HSL staff person to contact you to arrange a consultation.

Last modified: 07/19/17