Letter to William Clark: 23 July 1875

Image of page one of letter to William Clark
35 South St.
Park Lane, W.
July 23/75

My dear Sir,
With regard to Sir Bartle Frere’s suggestion
that I should write to the Duke of Buckingham
about your Madras Drainage scheme, it
was thought better that I should wait
until the plans came home officially:
they were expected every week. But
still they did not arrive. And under
the circumstances I wrote yesterday to the

Image of page two of letter to William Clark
Duke of Buckingham to entertain the
scheme kindly.
I hope that he may send for you.
I gave him your address.

in great haste
& with the warmest wishes for your success-
and may God speed the Madras Drainage!
ever your faithful servt.
Florence Nightingale
I do not know the etiquette in such cases:
perhaps you could learn whether it is

Image of page three of letter to William Clark
desirable for you to seek an interview
with the D. of B. without waiting.

W. Clark Esq. C.E.

Front of envelope for letter to William Clark
Postmark with stamp: Cromford, A, JY 23, 75
[Cromford, A, July 23, 1875]

W. Clark Esq C.E.
9 Victoria Chambers
London S.W.


Back of envelope of letter to William Clark
Postmark: London SW, L7, JY 24, 75
[London SW, A, July 24, 1875]


  1. Stamp: “Penny Red” issue of 1858-79, 1d, Rose-red, SG 43 (K-G)
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