Letter to William Clark: 2 December 1873

Image of page one of letter to William Clark
35 South St.
Park Lane, W.
Dec. 2/73
My dear Sir,
Major Tulloch says that
it did not occur to him
when he saw you to
recommend (as your Successor)
“a Mr. Hart who
“has been in the Bombay
“Public Works Dept for
“some years: & who is a
“very scientific Engineer
“with at the same time a

W. Clark Esq.

Image of page two of letter to William Clark
“good deal of practical
“He would be a capital
“man for the post, if
“the Bombay Govt. would
“spare him.
“Mr. Hart is a man
“of about 35 or 40 &
“no doubt knows the
“vernacular: a great

You may know something
of him – Mr. Hart,
Believe me,
in haste,      Yours sincerely
Florence Nightingale

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