Letter to William Clark: 13 March 1874

Image of page one of letter to William Clark
Private                   35 South St.
Park Lane, W.
March 13/74

My dear Sir,
Believe me, we have
not lost a single occasion
of advising that you
should be appointed to
Sanitary Work.
And we shall repeat
this whenever there is
an opportunity.
You are probably aware
that we think that the

W. Clark, Esq.

Image of page two of letter to William Clark
time has come to have
someone at Head
Quarters in India to
tell them what to do
in Sanitary Engineering.
I have already put this

And you may be sure
that I shall neglect
no opportunity,
for the work’s sake
quite as much as
for your own,
of urging this.

Image of page three of letter to William Clark
I trust that Mr. Leslie
may turn out well
for Calcutta.
Pray believe me
My dear Sir
ever your faithful servt.
Florence Nightingale
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