Lola Úbeda (1869-1938)

Thesis: La mujer Argentina en la pubertad. Thesis (doctoral)–Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, 1902. PDF

Lola Úbeda graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires in 1902, receiving the degree of Doctor in Medicine. Her thesis is entitled La Mujer Argentina en la Pubertad. She was one of the earliest female doctors in Argentina and considered an early Argentinian feminist and visionary for women’s health.

Úbeda was born on July 10, 1869, in San Nicolás de los Arroyos to Doña Juana Rodriguez and Don Justo Úbeda. Her full first name was María Amalia Dolores. She received a degree in education from the “escuela referencia” in 1891, and then went to medical school. After leaving medical school, she worked in the “Hospital Rivadavia” and then as a doctor at the “Asistencia Pública.” She also worked at the National Council of Education as medical inspector for schools in Buenos Aires until 1929. She was a founder of the Gynecological Society and was a member of the Medical and Scientific Societies of Argentina. She was also the vice president of the “Asociación de Residentes Nicoleños.” She died on April 29, 1938.


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Biographies of selected authors from the New York Academy of Medicine Collection of International Medical Theses written by Amanda Allgood, B.A., M.L.S.

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