Joseph Séror (1907-1998)

Thesis: Contribution à l’étude du chorioépithéliome du testicule. Thesis (D.M.)–Université d’Alger, 1935. Excerpts PDF

Joseph Séror was born on December 25, 1907 in Tunis (Tunisia). He received his Doctorat en Médecine from the Université d’Alger in 1935. During his long career, he trained “generations” of doctors.

Séror was named an intern at the hospitals in 1929. He was an aide to professor René Marcel de Ribet and then chief of the clinic and assistant surgeon at the surgical clinic A of the CHU (centre hospitalier universitaire) Mustapha directed by professor Duboucher. In 1935 he became a hospital surgeon and chef de service at the hospital in Miliana. In 1954, Séror was named head of surgery at hospital Parnet in Algiers and was admitted as a professor in general surgery a year later. Séror became the chair of surgical pathology in 1961, as well as full professor.

In 1961 or 1962, Séror was the target of an assassination attempt due to his support of the Algerian revolution. He fled to Cambodia, where he was named chef de service in the hospital at Phnom-Penh, then professor of clinical surgery at the Ecole Royale de Médecine of Cambodia. He returned to Algeria in 1964 after it obtained its independence and became the director of surgical clinic A.

In 1969, Séror returned to France, where he became head of surgical clinic B of the CHU in Strasbourg. He retired to Nice in 1977.

Séror was a member of the Académie Française de Chirurgie and a corresponding member of the Académie de Médecine.

Joseph Séror died in 1998.


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