Access to the Wilcox Reading Room

Wilcox Reading Room

Visitors to the HSL Special Collections will study their materials in the Benson Reid Wilcox Historical Collections Reading Room. Use of Special Collections is permitted only in the Wilcox Reading Room, never exit the Reading Room with collection materials. For exceptions, contact Special Collections staff.

ONLY the following items are permitted in the History Reading Room:

  • paper
  • pencils (NO pens)
  • laptop computer (NOT case)
  • personal digital camera (NO flash, NO case)
  • cell phone (NO flash)
  • limited reference materials (check with staff)
  • sweater or light blazer (NO coats)

A secured locker is provided for other personal items, such as coats, purses, backpacks, briefcases, bags, folders, binders, notebooks, books, pens, markers, food or drink.

Some materials may have additional restrictions for a variety of reasons, including donor requests, poor condition, personal privacy, etc. In some cases you may be asked to wear gloves while handling materials. These will be provided by the Special Collections staff.

When you have completed your research session, please leave all materials on the round table in the center of the Reading Room and notify the Special Collections staff that you are ready to leave. If you plan to return for further research, especially if you would like to continue using the same materials, you are invited to make another appointment at this time.

Last modified: 02/08/18
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