UNC Health Affair Schools Launch Interprofessional Steering Committee

By Lynn Eades March 10, 2017

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Affairs Schools have joined forces to build collaborations to make interprofessional education and collaboration the norm for all students.

In May 2016, the Health Affairs Interprofessional Education (IPE) Steering Committee began meeting bi-monthly to discuss IPE and collaboration opportunities for all Health Affairs students. While this goal may sound simple, there is much work to do in breaking down silos among the health professions. This is critical in that the ultimate goal of IPE is to improve health care and to improve health care access, particularly for underserved populations.

The IPE Steering Committee was formed by the Health Affairs Collaborative to develop a strategic plan for interprofessional activities. The IPE Steering Committee will:

  • examine accreditation standards and strategize ways to meet IPE competencies through a unified approach;
  • develop a strategic plan for IPE implementation; including protected IPE days and meeting space
  • serve as a liaison to the schools to connect faculty for IPE activities;
  • articulate a clear outcome vision for students exposed to IPE;
  • ensure leveling of IPE content to match learning need; And
  • provide exemplary linkages to how IPE can improve health care and access to care.

Deans from each of the professional schools, departments, and programs identified “IPE Directors” to serve on this committee, with the Health Sciences Library providing invaluable support. The IPE Directors are:

  • Chair: Meg Zomorodi PhD, RN, CNL
  • HSL liaisons: Lee Richardson; Christie Degener
  • School of Dentistry: Christine Downey DDS, MS
  • School of Medicine:
    • Allied Health: Judy Schmidt EdD, CRC, LPCA
    • Medicine: Candra Bass MD, Amy Weil MD
    • Physician Assistant: Meg Beal PA-C
  • School of Nursing: Meg Zomorodi PhD, RN, CNL; Carol Durham EdD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
  • School of Pharmacy: Kimberly Sanders Pharm D, BSPH
  • School of Public Health: Amanda Holliday MS, RD; Rachel Wilfert MD, MPH, CPH
  • School of Social Work: Lisa de Saxe Zerden PhD, MSW; Denise Dews, MSW

A NEW PROCESS FOR COLLABORATION: Despite much interest in IPE, it can be difficult to find a partner in another school, schedule activities, recruit students, and disseminate to others. As a result, silos are often formed, and sustainability is difficult. In order to work more effectively, a process for collaboration has been established. Faculty and students who are interested or have collaborated with another discipline should send an email to UNC_IPE@unc.edu. The IPE Steering Committee will connect you with the appropriate individuals, while allowing for tracking of the events for dissemination and growth. More information about this process can be found on our website: https://ipep.unc.edu/.

CONNECT WITH US: You can follow the group on Twitter at unc_ipe; or email us at UNC_IPE@unc.edu

UPCOMING EVENTS: Duke and UNC Collaborative Events (March 8 and April 18); Being Mortal Documentary (March 30, 5 pm at the Kirkland Auditorium, School of Dentistry); UNC IPE Student Group April 12, 12-1 pm; HSL Room 527).

Last modified: 12/14/20