RESOURCE UPDATE : The medical translator app Canopy can read emojis!

By Christie Degener September 15, 2016

Canopy app

The Health Sciences Library is amused to announce that the medical translation app Canopy, developed by the NIH and available through the Library, is now able to translate some emojis!

This limited set of emoji (available via joins the Spanish, Tagalong, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Malay, Bengali, Chinese Mandarin and Arabic languages already translatable by Canopy. Canopy was developed using an NIH grant to provide quick medical translation services, and also includes a direct call link to the UNC Hospitals Interpreter Services. It does NOT serve as a substitute for a translator, but can serve as a bridge to communication until they arrive.

If you do not currently have and would like to try Canopy, please visit the Library’s Canopy page for more information. This resource is available to all UNC Healthcare employees as well as UNC Chapel Hill health sciences students, faculty, and staff.

See their news release below :

Eyes emoji, beer mugs emoji, smiling poo emoji can all find relevant english questions in canopy

Last modified: 09/27/17