Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care

By Linda Johnsen August 25, 2017

The Health Sciences Library is pleased to present the National Library of Medicine’s traveling exhibition, Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care. You can check out this informative exhibit on the 2nd floor of the Health Sciences Library, August 28 through October 6, 2017. An additional display about Physician Assistants history is located across from the staircase on the 1st floor. The Health Sciences Library prepared this complementary exhibit.

Physician Assistants are partners in health care who collaborate with other medical professionals and patients to provide outstanding medical care. Commonly known as PAs, they practice medicine as part of a team, licensed to diagnose, treat, and care for patients under a physician’s supervision.

Collaboration has been the foundation of the profession since the first graduates from the initial PA program at Duke University in 1967. Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care explores the profession from its early beginnings to the present day, documenting its diversity, collaborative nature, and contributions to the field of medicine and patient care.

This exhibition was produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health in partnership with the Physician Assistant History Society.



Last modified: 10/11/17