HSL’s Mani and Cawley explore how academic libraries are partnering around data science.

By wp_aedile May 12, 2022

Nandita Mani, Associate University Librarian for the health sciences and Director of the Health Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Michelle Cawley, Head of Clinical, Academic, and Research Engagement recently published the Handbook of Research on Academic Libraries as Partners in Data Science Ecosystems with IGI Global Press.

The book details ways in which academic libraries across the globe, including here at UNC Chapel Hill, are partnering around data science. Author perspectives are presented from multiple domains, including social sciences and health sciences; and geographic areas, including Kenya, South Africa, China, Jordan, Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Topics addressed include Research Data Management (RDM), AI and machine learning, data ethics, academic and student engagement, Open Science, digital archives, and bibliometrics among others with voices included from the National Library of Medicine, Association of Research Libraries, and multiple global and U.S. universities.

Several open access (OA) chapters are included in this volume, including:
Exploring Data Science Initiatives Through an International Lens authored by Mani et al.
People Who Need Data People: A Case Study in Building Cross-Campus Data Support authored by a team from University of Wisconsin-Madison led by Cameron Cook.
Applying Bibliometrics to Examine Research Output and Highlight Collaboration authored by a team from UNC’s Health Sciences Library led by Dr. Mani.
Using Machine Learning to Locate Evidence More Efficiently: New Roles for Academic Research Librarians authored by Ms. Cawley.

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