Featured Library Resource: HSTalks Biomedical & Life Sciences Lectures

By wp_aedile October 11, 2018

HSTalks, formerly known as Henry Stewart Talks, is a significant collection of streaming audio seminar lectures with PowerPoint presentations that cover a vast range of health science related topics from the foundational to the most complex. UNC subscribes to the Biomedical & Life Sciences Lectures. Among the included topics are Biochemistry, Cancer, Cell Biology, Diseases, Disorders & Treatment, Drug Discovery, Genetics, Immunology, Methods, Microbiology & Virology, Neurobiology Pharmaceutical Marketing, and Vaccinology.

Many UNC faculty have contributed content, such as Anastasia Ivanova, PhD, in the School of Global Public Health, Mark Peifer, PhD, Department of Biology, and Carla Maria Pedrosa Ribeiro, PhD, Department of Medicine/Pulmonary Edition.

All talks can be linked and embedded in your Sakai pages, and presentations can be downloaded and printed.

Last modified: 10/25/18