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On this page you will find information on health literacy happenings on campus at UNC, Chapel Hill.

Impact Measurement and Visualization

The Impact Measurement and Visualization (IMV) team and librarians at the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) have partnered with NC Health Literacy to create these data visualizations representing publications by UNC-affiliated researchers on the topic of health literacy. These publications were collected by searching PubMed and Scopus bibliographic databases. The two data visualizations below present collaborations between UNC Schools and the health literacy topics examined within the publications.

Organizational Analysis

This visualization represents the collaborations within UNC, regarding the field of health literacy.

Health Literacy Visualization

Topic Analysis

This visualization represents the range of health literacy topics published by researchers at UNC. The topic words were selected from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms associated with each of the publications.

Health Visualization of topic keywords

Articles by UNC Scholars on Health Literacy

Below you will find articles by UNC scholars published in PubMed on topics related to health literacy.

RSS PubMed Search Results

  • Results From a Survey of American Geriatrics Society Members' Views on Physician-Assisted Suicide.
    Related Articles Results From a Survey of American Geriatrics Society Members' Views on Physician-Assisted Suicide. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2020 01;68(1):23-30 Authors: Rosenberg LJ, Butler JM, Caprio AJ, Rhodes RL, Braun UK, Vitale CA, Telonidis J, Periyakoil VS, Farrell TW Abstract BACKGROUND: Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is a controversial practice, currently legal in nine states and […]

Allied Health Ambassador Elise Widman Presents on Effectively Translating Health Information for Patients

February 26, 2019:

Elise Widman, Doctor of Physical Therapy candidate (middle), with Brenda Everett Mitchell, Associate Chair of Department of Allied Health Sciences Office of Student Services and AHEC Operations (left), and Laura Tremaine, Student Services Specialist, Office of Student Services (right).

As an Allied Health Ambassador, Elise Widman presented at the bi-annual “Difference Matters” on the topic of health literacy and what she learned about it through her studies. The focus of the “Difference Matters” events is to apply what students learn in school to real-life scenarios for the benefit of patients. In this particular session, Widman also focused on practical solutions and health literacy resources available on campus and beyond.

Widman is part of the allied health ambassador program. The student ambassadors serve as allied health representatives at various college fairs, school tours and campus events. They are an elite group of students, with strong leadership abilities, a positive attitude about UNC-CH, excellent communication skills, and good academic standing. To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in any division of the Department of Allied Health Sciences with a grade point average meeting the standards of their current program. These students also must exhibit a history of student involvement prior to attending UNC-CH and participate in an interview and ambassador orientation.


You can read more about the allied health ambassador program here.




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