Looking for your course readings on Electronic Reserve?…or even Library Reserve?  Read on for more information!

About Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves are journal articles, book chapters, and other course readings placed online. Links to electronic information and material can be accessed both on- and off-campus 24 hours a day.

Electronic Reserves are time-limited and do not stay on reserve indefinitely. At the end of the semester, all course material is automatically removed from students’ online view.

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About Library Reserves

Library Reserves are books, audiovisuals, and dental kits/models placed on shelves behind or near the User Services Desk. These can only be accessed during normal library hours.

Library Reserve materials have different circulation periods, some of which can only be used within the library.

At the semester’s end, all course items will be taken off reserve.

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Authentication helps restrict access to course materials to only those affiliated with the course. For Sakai pages, enter your ONYEN and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it taking so long to download?

PDF files can be rather large. Depending on your internet connection, it could take ten minutes or longer to display. Once downloading is complete Acrobat Reader should automatically open with a copyright notice. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the document.

If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, you may download it for free on the Adobe website.

Why don’t I see my course listed?

Electronic Course Reserves are for the use of enrolled students during a specific semester. Not all course materials are available through the Electronic Course Reserve system. If you do not see your course listed, it may be the result of one of three things:

  • HSL Reserves did not receive any Electronic Reserves from your course/instructor for this semester
  • HSL Reserves received Electronic Reserves from your course/instructor for this semester, but we are still in the process of making them available
  • Course Electronic Reserves have been received and processed but have been posted on some external site, such as Sakai or the course’s own site
Last modified: 07/30/21