What services are offered?

The Health Sciences Library places books, class readers, audiovisuals and other course items on Library Reserve.

Links to electronic information and material, otherwise known as Electronic Reserves, can be accessed both on- and off-campus 24 hours a day.

The library’s consultation services can help locate or suggest print, audiovisual, software and electronic materials anytime during the semester. Contact us at 962-0800 or submit a consultation request through Ask-a-Librarian.

For other questions concerning Electronic and/or Library Reserves, please contact us at 962-0800 or email hsl-reserves@listserv.unc.edu.

Who can use the service?

Health Sciences Library Reserves provides service to faculty, staff, and students within UNC’s division of Health Affairs, including the following departments/schools:

  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Medicine
  • Department of Allied Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Public Health
  • UNC Hospitals

What are reserves?

Reserves are course-specific material set aside from the library’s main collection with the purpose of making it easier for students to locate and view. Reserves can come in two forms: Library Reserves and Electronic Reserves. Library Reserves are physical items placed on shelves near the User Services Desk in the library. Electronic Reserves are documents that are posted online.

Additionally, reserves can only be processed at the request of the instructor, teaching assistant, or other designated individual.

Most importantly, reserve items are time-limited. Material cannot be left on reserve indefinitely; all material will be taken off reserve at the end of that semester/year and returned/re-shelved.

How long will it take to process?

As a general rule, refer to the dates below when submitting your Library and Electronic Reserve requests. Remember: if we receive your submission by the posted date, your material will be available in time for classes to start.

  • Spring: December 1 (of the prior Fall semester)
  • Summer: April 1 (of the prior Spring semester)
  • Fall: July 1 (of the prior Summer session)

When is material taken off reserve?

Materials will be automatically removed from reserves after the final exams of the specific course for which they were provided. Reserve materials are not automatically renewed. Instructors, teaching assistants, or designated individuals are responsible for resubmitting the materials for each semester.

  • Electronic Reserves: all links must be removed and/or broken, in accordance with copyrights, and will not be accessible online.
  • Library Reserves: all library-, personal-, and departmental-owned material will be taken off reserve and returned either to library stacks or to the proper owner.


Last modified: 07/30/21