Key Dates

Static deadline dates

As a general rule, refer to the dates below when submitting your Library and Electronic Reserve requests. Remember: if we receive your submission by the posted date, your material will be available in time for classes to start.

  • Spring: November 1 (of the prior Fall semester)
  • Summer: April 1 (of the prior Spring semester)
  • Fall: July 1 (of the prior Summer session)

What are deadlines?

Set by HSL Reserves, deadlines are dates assuring availability of reserve materials when the semester’s classes start.

Why are deadlines important?

Deadlines help us process all reserve submissions efficiently and quickly. Items submitted after the deadline, especially as the semester nears, tends to add to the back-log of material waiting to be processed. We only process items in the order that they’ve been submitted; out of fairness to everyone, we cannot “leap-frog” those submissions in the queue to process others. Thus, it is only to be expected that delays can occur!

Submitting after the posted deadline?

Don’t worry — we will still accept your submission but, again, expect delays if turning in items either before classes start AND during the first month or so of the semester. We try our best to get your request processed, completed, and available to your students as soon as possible.

Once the frenzy of the semester calms down (normally after the first 4-6 weeks of either the Spring or Fall semester), individuals submitting reserve requests at this time can expect a much quicker turn-around time of between 2-4 business days.

No submissions will be accepted during that semester’s final exam period!


Last modified: 01/19/21