Faculty and Staff

The Health Sciences Library, along with all other university libraries, has made the switch to a more convenient Course Reserves system. As faculty or staff, you now have more direct access and control on the materials you place on reserve, while still benefiting from the library’s help with any questions/concerns/comments. Explore the topics below to get started!


Faculty and staff can access the new course reserves site with or without Sakai.

  • With Sakai: Log in to Sakai with your Onyen and password, navigate to your course’s page, and then select “Course Reserves” on the left side of the page. You should be redirected to the main page of your course reserves page.
  • Without Sakai: Log in directly to the course reserves page with your Onyen and password. You should be directed to the main page of your course reserves page.



When you log in to the course reserves site as faculty or staff, you will first see the Main Menu screen in Instructor Mode (image below):

A breakdown of the navigation options in red:

  • “Switch to Student Mode”: This link will allow you to see what your students see when they access the course reserves page. You can make sure links are working properly, and check that certain materials are visible/not visible based on your needs (ex. readings, syllabi, exams, etc).
  • “Main Menu”: This link would bring you back to the Main Menu, if you had navigated to a specific course page for example. This page lists all currently taught courses.
  • “Previous/Upcoming Courses and Proxy Users” These tools allow professors to navigate their courses, especially useful for those with multiple or previous courses.
    1. “Upcoming Courses”: This link allows you to add, edit and review materials in anticipation of the next semester.
    2. “Previous Courses”: This link allows you to see previous courses, helpful in comparing readings and materials that you might want to clone into a new semester.
    3. “Proxy Users”: This link will take you to a list of people with full access to add, delete and edit course reserves materials in all of your courses, such as TAs.



From the “Main Menu” screen, find the course you would like the edit from the list. Click “View Course.” Next, click “Add Reserve Items” found in the top left corner. You should come to a page similar to the one below (see image)




Here, you are given the options to add many different types of items to your course reserves list (Article, Chapter, Book/Score, etc). Clicking each option will take you to an online form, which should be completed and submitted for HSL Reserve staff to fulfill.

The form to add items is pretty self-explanatory.

The only part to pay special attention to is the “How will this item be supplied?” section. These are your options:

    • I will upload the material (up to 28MB per file): You or a TA will add PDFs, videos, syllabi, etc. You can see these immediately on your course’s reserve page, and your students will see them on the first day of the semester unless otherwise indicated.
    • I will bring the material to the library: You or a TA will bring the book, DVD, 3D model, scanned reading to the library and we will place it on our reserves shelf. Until you bring the item to the library, this item will appear in the “Awaiting Supply by Instructor” box on the Main Menu page. The sooner you provide the materials, the sooner we can make them available!
    • Please have library staff locate and scan the material: HSL library staff will locate print materials or PDFs and upload them to this item you have created. We ask that you submit these 4 weeks before the start of the semester (Fall by July 1st, Spring by November 1st, and Summer by April 1st), or you may be subject to delays depending on volume of requests.
    • The item should link to a website: Create a stable link using this link builder tool created by the Undergraduate Library course reserves staff.



This feature allows you to browse items from previous semesters of the course, and quickly import the items into the current/future course you are working on. First, begin on the course page that you would like to import items TO (current/future semester.) Next, select “Add Reserve Items” then “Import Items” and you will be directed to a list of items used in the previously taught course. Check/uncheck the desired items and click “Import Items” at the bottom. You will now see the items under “Course Home” for your current/future course.

Contact Info and Resources

Please contact the HSL reserves staff for any questions or concerns: hsl-reserves@unc.edu.

To quickly access the link builder tool, click here.

Other physical reserve collections are hosted by the Art Library, Undergraduate Library, Music Library, Media & Design Center, Park Library, Stone Center Library, and School of Information and Library Science Library.

Last modified: 08/31/21