Submission Guidelines

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves are course readings and documents that are available online twenty-four hours a day. However, electronic access is limited for a specified period of time (i.e. one semester) and is restricted to only that course’s students, staff, and faculty.

Because of copyrights, we cannot leave links to course readings online indefinitely. Thus, at the end of the semester all links will be broken and material will be removed from online view.

Electronic Reserve readings

  • Electronic material can be accessed from an instructor’s web site or through the Health Sciences Library reserves page
  • User authentication may be required to access electronic material
  • Classes accessing electronic reserves through Blackboard/Sakai may use the campus authentication process


Physical Library Reserves

Library Reserves are tangible course-related items set aside for a specified but limited period of time (i.e. one semester) from the library’s general collection.

Submit your requests for these items on your course reserves page. We will receive these requests and process them the reserve shelf.

Please remember that in order to ensure availability by the first day of classes, reserve materials must be submitted before the start of classes. Preferably two to four weeks prior to start.

All items will be taken off reserve at the end of the semester — personally-owned items are either sent back via campus mail or left at the User Services Desk for pickup; library-owned material will be reshelved according to their original location.

To reuse any or all of the same material again for the same course in the future, you can clone items into upcoming courses from your course reserves page.

Items that can be placed on Library Reserve

Almost any type of print and audio/video material may be placed on Library Reserve, including:

  • Personal books/items
  • Departmental-owned books/items
  • Health Science Library-owned items
  • Other on-campus library-owned items
  • VHS videocassettes
  • DVD videos
  • Teeth kits and models
  • Slides

Loan periods for print material

  • Library Use Only — due within 4 hours OR at closing time, whichever comes first, & cannot leave the building
  • Four (4) hours — due within 4 hours OR at closing time, whichever comes first, & can leave the building
  • One (1) day — due back by midnight the following day
  • Three (3) days
  • One (1) week
  • Exceptions to the above loan rules are conditional upon the Reserves Staff’s approval.


No renewals are allowed; all reserves are subject to overdue fines:

  •  $1.00 per day with a maximum fine of $25

Location of Library Reserve materials

  • All Reserve items (whether personal or library-owned) are placed behind the User Services Desk and must be checked out with a OneCard, Hospital badge, or an official photo ID (i.e. drivers’ license), even for Library Use Only material which CANNOT be taken out of the building.
  • All other loan periods mean that those CAN be taken out of the library, but must be returned to the User Services Desk and NOT the Columbia Street/Macnider book drops
Last modified: 08/12/21