Fines Appeal

The Appeal Process
The purpose of fines:
Prompt returns enable use by the largest number of people. Fines help encourage prompt returns.

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. It is your responsibility to return all borrowed materials on time and to keep contact information current by contacting the library or updating your information onMyLibrary.

We have two options available for fine appeals. First, you can come by the User Services Desk to pick up a paper copy of the fine appeal form. Second, you can complete the appeal form below if you are off-site and/or cannot come by the User Services Desk.

Invalid excuses for dismissal of fines:

  • Lack of knowledge of due date or charges, including processing fees;
  • Failure to receive a notice or bill; and
  • Material checked out for someone else or given to someone else
  • No hyphens
  • I am
  • Include the title for the book(s) that incurred the fine
  • Total amount of the fine incurred
  • Please include as much information and detail as possible so that we can fairly decide your case for an appeal

Last modified: 05/11/20