HSL Classification Scheme

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Subject Call Number Range
Accident and Injury WA 250-295
AIDS WC 503-503.7
Allergy and Immunology QW 501-949
Alternative Medicine WB503-507
Anatomy QS
Anesthesiology WO 200-460
Bacteriology QW 1-155
Biochemistry QU
Biography WZ 100
Biology, Molecular Biology QH
Biostatistics WA 950
Biotechnology QT 34, T
Birth Defects QS 675
Cardiovascular System WG
Census HA
Chemistry QD
Child Welfare, Abuse, Services WA 310-325
Chronic Disease WT 500
Communicable Diseases WC
Deficiency Diseases WD 105-155
Demographics HA
Dentistry and Oral Surgery WU
Dermatology WR
Diagnostic Imaging WN
Dictionaries (general medical) W 13
Dietetics, Diet Therapy WB 400-449
Digestive System WI
Disability HV; WB 320
Drugs QV 1-370
Economics of Medicine and Health Care W 74-80
Embryology QS -681
Endocrine System WK
Environmental Health, Pollution, Control WA 670-847
Environmental Science and Technology WA 105-106
Ethics (medical) W 50
Family Health WA 308
Forensic Medicine W 601-925
Gastrointestinal System WI
Genetics QH 426-470, QZ 50
Geriatrics WT
Gynecology WP
Health of Special Populations WA 300-495
Health Policy, Planning, Admin WA 525-590
Health Professions W 21
Health Services W 84-84.9
Hematology WH
Histology QS504-539
History of Medicine WZ
Subject Call Number Range
Hospitals and Health Facilities WX
Hypersensitivity WD 300-375
Informatics W 26.5
Insurance, Health W 100-275
Internal Medicine WB 115
Laboratory Medicine QY
Maternal Welfare, Services WA 310
Medicaid W 250
Medical Practice WB
Medical Profession W
Medicare WT 31
Medicinal Plants QV 766-770
Metabolic Diseases WD 200
Microbiology QW 1-300
Military Medicine UH 201-570
Molecular Biology QH 506
Musculoskeletal System WE
Neoplasms (general) QZ200-380
Nervous System; Neurology WL
Nursing WY
Nutrition QU 145-220
Obstetrics WQ
Occupational Health and Hygiene WA 400-495
Ophthalmology WW
Orthopedics WE
Otolaryngology WV
Parisitology QX
Pathology QY-QZ
Pediatrics WS
Pharmacology QV
Physiology QT
Preventive Medicine WA 108-245
Psychiatry, Mental Health WM
Psychology BF
Public Health WA
Radiology WN
Rehabilitation WB 320
Respiratory System WF
Social Issues HV
Speech and Hearing WV
Sports Medicine QT 260-261
Statistics, Health Surveys W 2, WA 900-950
Substance Abuse WM 270
Surgery WO
Toxicology QV 600-667; WA 465
Urogenital System WJ
Veterinary Medicine SF
Women’s Health WA 309

Arrangement of Classified Collections (by subject)

National Library of Medicine Classification Outline

Preclinical Sciences

QS……..Human Anatomy QW…….Microbiology and Immunology
QT……..Physiology QX……..Parasitology
QU……..Biochemistry QY……..Clinical Pathology
QV……..Pharmacology QZ……..Pathology

Medicine and Related Subjects

W…Health Professions WK…Endocrine System
WA…Public Health WL…Nervous System
WB…Practice of Medicine WM…Psychiatry
WC…Communicable Diseases WN…Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging
WD 100…Nutrition Disorders WO…Surgery
WD 200…Metabolic Diseases WP…Gynecology
WD 300…Immunologic and Collagen Diseases. Hypersensitivity WQ…Obstetrics
WD 400…Animal Poisons WR…Dermatology
WD 500…Plant Poisons WS…Pediatrics
WD 600…Diseases and Injuries Caused by Physical Agents WT…Geriatrics. Chronic Disease
WD 700…Aviation and Space Medicine WU…Dentistry. Oral Surgery
WE…Musculoskeletal System WV…Otolaryngology
WF…Respiratory System WW…Opthamology
WG…Cardiovascular System WX…Hospitals and Other Health Facilities
WH…Hemic and Lymphatic Systems WY…Nursing
WI…Digestive System WZ…History of Medicine
WJ…Urogenital System
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