MD Consult Upgraded, Expanded (and now called ClinicalKey!)

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) is pleased to announce that we are upgrading from MD Consult to ClinicalKey, effective immediately. HSL-maintained listings for MD Consult have been updated accordingly.  All access to MD Consult will cease Dec. 31, 2012.

ClinicalKey includes:

  • ALL books and journals previously available through MD Consult
  • All medical and surgical reference books and many textbooks from Elsevier
  • All medical and surgical journals from Elsevier, and an assortment of additional journals
  • A very large body of supplementary video and image content which we have previously been unable to provide, including that from the Expert Consult medical textbooks
  • The Netter Collection of medical illustrations
  • All clinical monographs from the Point-of-Care resource First Consult
  • All content from the video resource Procedures Consult, including content from modules previously unsubscribed
  • All drug monographs from the resource Clinical Pharmacology
  • A large collection of patient education resources from Elsevier and other sources
  • Hundreds of practice guidelines from dozens of different organizations

Other features:

  • ClinicalKey searches all of the above as well as PubMed and Clinical  
  • ClinicalKey’s search engine was created in collaboration with physicians to be clinically relevant.  It is also possible to browse by content type to find specific books or journals. 
  • Procedures Consult videos may be found by searching a topic, then selecting the correct content type on the left screen.
  • ClinicalKey allows users to create personal IDs to save research and images, and has a presentation builder to support your use of its image library in your teaching and clinical work. 


UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the first adopters of ClinicalKey. We hope this upgrade will be highly beneficial to your clinical work and medical education on our campus.

Please see the new ClinicalKey guide for more information and assistance: