Transcript: Director’s welcome

Dr. Nandita Mani welcomes visitors to the Health Sciences Library and outlines what HSL has to offer faculty, staff, students, and residents of North Carolina.


Hi I’m Dr. Nandita Mani, Associate University Librarian and Director for the Health Sciences Library.

Welcome to the HSL, the part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries.

At the HSL, we aim to be indispensable partners in connecting you with knowledge and information to help make informed healthcare decisions, ensure quality health care, teach and learn effectively, and conduct vital research.

In terms of our collection, the HSL serves the health information needs of the entire university with an exceptional collection of electronic journals and books, subscriptions to core databases for each health discipline, and over 480,000 total print volumes

We support historical research with Rare books, medical instruments, and the North Carolina History of Health Digital Collection. Our compilation of materials dating from 1849 to the Present that document the development of health care and the health professions within North Carolina.

Our team of librarians collaborate with students and faculty on systematic reviews, producing publication metrics, troubleshooting NIH public access compliance, and teaching evidence-based searching and evaluation of information.

Our skilled cadre of support staff help you find and get the information you’re looking for and create a safe and comfortable library space for you to work in.

Whatever your level of experience or stage in your work, our staff will help you take the next steps to reach your goal.

Through our partnership with the North Carolina AHEC program, we provide support for the statewide community-based educational programs of all of our Health Affairs schools.

A digital library of Core resources for the North Carolina Community Hospital’s and NC Health info a quality health information resource that helps individuals and caregivers manage their health.

The HSL library is also an innovation hub connecting people doing groundbreaking interdisciplinary research in areas such as informatics and digital health.

We provide a space for health Innovators to share ideas and find new opportunities to collaborate and, of course, we have a great space available to you to collaborate, study, or simply rest.

So come on over to HSL, grab a coffee, and feel at home. Or visit us online at

Thank you

Last modified: 06/29/17