By Christie Degener September 15, 2016

The point of care database ACP Smart Medicine formerly provided by Stat!Ref is no longer available. Unfortunately, this resource is no longer available via any provider that the Library can use.

SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVES – The Library suggests that users explore UptoDate or the First Consult component of Clinical Key as an alternative to ACP Smart Medicine. Each is a very extensive clinical point of care resource. First Consult is available as a search option within Clinical Key or can be used to filter results after searching it, but the simplest method to access it is as a mobile app.

MOBILE ALTERNATIVES : Each of these resources has a mobile app available. The First Consult app provided by Clinical Key can be used while offline. UptoDate requires an active connection.

How to get the First Consult App :

  1. You must first create a personal account within Clinical Key
  2. Open Clinical Key
  3. At the top right of the Clinical Key page, click Register to create a personal account
  4. On your iOS or Android device, visit the App or Google Play store
  5. Search for “First Consult” and install the free First Consult app on your device
  6. After downloading the app, select the option ‘I use First Consult and know my user name’ and enter your ClinicalKey user name and password to start using the First Consult app.

How to get the UptoDate app:

  1. You must first create a personal account within UpToDate
  2. Open UpToDate
  3. Click the Login/Register button and submit the Register form
    1. On a desktop computer, click on the Log In / Register button in the upper right corner
    2. On a mobile device, click the Login button in the upper left corner and then scroll down
  4. From your mobile device, go to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Windows Store and download the UpToDate app.
    1. If you have trouble finding the app in the store, use the browser on your mobile device to go to and use the appropriate download link.
  5. Use the login information you created in Step #1 to access the app from your mobile device.
  6. Note: You must verify your affiliation with UNC by logging into UpToDate via a web browser at least once every 90 days.
    1. You will need to enter your Onyen and password if you are accessing this link from off campus.
Last modified: 12/16/16