NEW RESOURCE : Popular Medicine in America, 1800-1900

By Christie Degener September 15, 2016

The Health Sciences Library is pleased to announce that we have purchased the Adam Matthew collection Popular Medicine in America 1800-1900!

Popular Medicine in America image link

This collection of primary source documents uses advertising and other popular press images to show the history of ‘popular’ remedies and treatments in nineteenth century America; including contemporary trends such as phrenology, herbal medicines, hydrotherapy, other folk medicines, early dentistry, pharmaceutical production and drug sales materials, and more. Images and research are drawn from the collections at the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. These high quality image scans are available for use in education and research; information and guidelines are available within the resource about how to use and cite them.

Check out this beautiful and interesting new collection!


Last modified: 12/16/16