HSL Adds New Furniture to Provide Better Study and Collaboration Space

By Linda Johnsen July 3, 2018

To meet the changing needs of how people study, connect, and collaborate, the Health Sciences Library has updated its furniture on the 4th floor.

In addition to facilitating improvements in the resources, services, and programming we provide, we apply the same determination to providing students, staff and faculty with spaces conducive to learning, collaboration, and innovation.

Let’s face it; many of you have probably felt the crippling effect of spending hours sitting on a hard chair, crouched over a desk with poor lighting and a dying cell phone or laptop battery… Well, that is now all in the past!

Our new state-of-the-art furniture on the 4th floor supports fluent collaboration and offers ample opportunity for uninterrupted study in a calm yet stimulating environment. Stop by the 4th floor and check it out for yourself! We are confident you will find the roomy and comfy chairs, foot rests, personalized charging stations and storage spaces to be exactly what you need to have a pleasant and productive study or collaboration session.

Welcome to the new and improved 4th floor!


Patron working in the new furniture on the 4th floor of HSL

Providing high-performance comfort and support, the Brody WorkLounge brings thoughtful ergonomic design to the lounge posture. The adjustable, personal worksurface holds technology at eye level, reducing neck and shoulder strain. It also features personal storage, footrest, lighting, and power outlet.