Friends of the Library holds Spring board meeting at HSL

By wp_aedile May 5, 2017

On April 28, 2017, the Friends of the Library Board of Directors held its Annual Spring Meeting at the Health Sciences Library. HSL Director Nandita Mani and librarians Lara Handler and Brian Moynihan gave presentations about HSL partnerships, library instruction, outreach services, community engagement, and health technology and informatics. Banners, posters, and digital devices in the Columbia Street display cases emphasized the information conveyed in these presentations.

Board members were impressed by the afternoon tour they received of the HSL. Board members saw the entire building, including the classrooms, conference rooms and study rooms, the Sam W. Hitt Medicinal Plant Gardens, the Benson Reid Wilcox Historical Collections Reading Room, and the exhibit areas. Highlights from HSL Special Collections, including nine letters written by Florence Nightingale, were on display for that day only.

The Friends of the Library Board of Directors, which consists of UNC University Libraries supporters from throughout the United States, meets on campus twice per year.

Last modified: 05/30/17