Featured Health Sciences Resource: Anatomy.TV!

By Linda Johnsen August 22, 2018

The University Libraries subscribes to two major virtual anatomy products;Anatomy.TV and e-Anatomy. We recently upgraded Anatomy.TV to include new body sections and enhanced features. These upgrades will help students gain mastery of the subject of human anatomy by allowing deeper interaction with models of the human body and with specialized learning tools.

Primal Pictures’ Anatomy.tv is a virtual cadaver and anatomy product that contains:

  • Fully interactive and rotatable 3D animations and models of the human body, as well as detailed layers of human anatomy that can be stripped away for enhanced visualization of function and biomechanics. (3D Real Time is new)
  • Clinical videos and text written by medical specialist
  • PALMS (Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules), a learning tool that uses pattern recognition and visual expertise to facilitate mastery of anatomy. (new)
  • Clinical specialties- Audiology, Otolaryngology, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Real-time Dentistry, Speech Language Pathology, Head and Neck: Pediatric Comparisons, Head and Neck: Basic Neuroanatomy, Chiropractic, and Urology. (several of these specialties are new)
  • Anatomy and Physiology modules- intended mainly for undergraduates, these modules walk learners through body systems, each section with learning objectives and interactive exercises. (new)

If you have never used Anatomy.TV, or have not logged in recently, check out our new content! If you would like to provide feedback about this, or any other library subscribed content, please contact Karen Grigg, Health Sciences Librarian for Collections and Instruction, at kgrigg@email.unc.edu

Last modified: 11/16/18