Information about staff of the UNC Health Sciences Library   

Department Contact
Luke Aeschleman
  • Web Developer
Web Developer Group laeschleman [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7637
Fran Allegri
  • Department Head, User Services
User Services allegri [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0945
Max Bowman
  • Serials and Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Resources Management Services maxbowman [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-6787
Rebecca Breazeale
  • Cataloging Specialist
Resources Management Services breazeal [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7308
Rebecca Butler
  • Monographic E-Resources Specialist
Resources Management Services rjbutler [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7249
Elizabeth Cahoon
  • Information Associate, Student Supervisor
User Services ecahoon [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0802
Michael Campbell
  • Interlibrary Lending Specialist
Resources Management Services mscampbe [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7340
Karen Crowell
  • Liaison Librarian, Clinical Services
User Services kcrowell [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0951
Jim Curtis
  • Director (interim)
Administration jacurtis [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0942
Colleen Daw
  • Research Assistant
User Services (919) 843-1032
Christie Degener
  • Department Head, Resources Management Services
Resources Management Services christie_degener [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0947
Anne Dudley
  • Communications Manager
Administration dudleyac [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0944
Lynn Eades
  • Web Development Librarian
Web Developer Group beades [at] med [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-8012
Jean Estrada
  • Business Manager/Head of Administrative Services
Administration jestrada [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-2113
Kathy Fujiwara
  • Office Manager, Resources Management Services
Resources Management Services fujiwara [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0500
Stephanie Griffin
  • Interlibrary Borrowing and Billing Specialist
Resources Management Services slgriffi [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0611
Landon Grindheim
  • Research Assistant
User Services grindhei [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-1502
Lynn Gunter
  • Information Associate, Room Reservation Coordinator
User Services gunter [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-6256
Lara Handler
  • Liaison Librarian, School of Medicine
User Services lhandler [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 843-6235
Lee Haney
  • Information Associate/Reserves Manager
User Services jlhaney [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-1509
Barrie Hayes
  • Liaison Librarian, Bioinformatics and Translational Science
User Services bhayes [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0264
Rachel Hinrichs
  • Research Assistant
User Services (919) 966-0532
Susan Jones
  • Archives/Monographs Specialist
Resources Management Services jones13 [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-6323
Mellanye Lackey
  • Liaison Librarian, Public Health/Global Health
User Services mjlackey [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 843-3136
Robert Ladd
  • Media Literacy and Instructional Design Specialist
User Services bob_ladd [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0601
Brenda Linares
  • User Services Librarian and Liaison Librarian, lnstitute on Aging
User Services blinares [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0801
Michael London
  • Applications Analyst
  • Database Administrator
Web Developer Group mikey [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 843-6237
Dawne Lucas
  • Special Collections Librarian
Resources Management Services dhoward [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-1776
Denise Mabe
  • Information Associate, USC Operations Manager
User Services denise_mabe [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-1389
Freda McClain
  • Library Human Resources
Administration freda_mcclain [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-8027
Diana McDuffee
  • Assistant Library Director (interim)
  • Department Head, AHEC and Outreach Services
AHEC and Outreach Services diana_mcduffee [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0963
Kathleen McGraw
  • Assistant Department Head, User Services
  • Liaison Librarian, Dentistry
User Services kmcgraw [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-1855
Margaret Moore
  • Director of Planning
Administration memoore [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0703
Elizabeth Moreton
  • Liaison Librarian, Nursing
User Services emoreton [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0952
Erin Morris
  • Research Assistant, User Services & Kenan Library
User Services morrisen [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
Michael O'Connor
  • Staff Support Specialist
Desktop Support oconnorm [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-1427
Carol Payne
  • Information Associate, Borrowers Accounts
User Services csugg1 [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0961
Rachael Posey
  • Liaison Librarian, Pharmacy
User Services rposey [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-8011
Barbara Renner
  • Liaison Librarian, Allied Health Sciences
  • Evaluation Specialist
User Services brrenner [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 843-7249
Lee Richardson
  • Cataloging and Metadata Coordinator
Resources Management Services richarlm [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0941
Pam Roberts
  • Assistant to the Directors
Administration pam_roberts [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0946
Monica Samsky
  • Electronic Journals Specialist
Resources Management Services momartin [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7290
MaryBeth Schell
  • AHEC Digital Library Director
AHEC and Outreach Services marybeth_schell [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-3124
Tess Sharpe
  • Administrative Office Assistant
Administration tsharpe [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-2111
Christie Silbajoris
  • Director, NC Health Info
  • Liaison Librarian, Consumer Health & Patient Education
AHEC and Outreach Services silbc [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 843-6236
Steve Squires
  • Research Librarian
Administration steve_squires [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0612
Dee Stuckey
  • Assistant Department Head, Resources Management Services
  • Acquisitions Coordinator
Resources Management Services dee_stuckey [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7257
Sara Suiter
  • Research Assistant
User Services ssuiter [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-0801
Susan Swogger
  • Collections Development Librarian
Resources Management Services sswogger [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0777
Lauren Tomola
  • AHEC Knowledge Management Librarian
AHEC and Outreach Services ltomola [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0964
Levi Turner
  • Information Associate, Fines Management
User Services lbturner [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 843-5209
Barbara Tysinger
  • Cataloging Librarian
Resources Management Services barbara_tysinger [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0949
Jennifer Walker
  • Liaison Librarian, Cancer Information Services
User Services jennifer_walker [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0958
Jason Walsh
  • Applications Analyst
Web Developer Group jason_walsh [at] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-1416
Kellie Walters
  • mHealth & Consumer Health Specialist
AHEC and Outreach Services kmwalter [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
Mary White
  • TraCS Knowledge Management Librarian
User Services mwwhite [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0953
Jake Wiltshire
  • Director of Development and Communications
Administration wiltshir [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-0943
Sarah Wright
  • User Services Librarian
User Services wrightst [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 966-7340
John Wysor
  • Public Computing Specialist
Desktop Support wysorj [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu
(919) 962-8116