Collaboration Center (Research Hub)


The Collaboration Center is an enclosed meeting room on the second floor of the HSL that is available for research teams and faculty to meet, use large screen display and conduct group video or web conferencing sessions.



Room Features Include:

  • Large screen display driven by in room computers
  • Option to connect laptops to large screen display via VGA or HDMI connections
  • Point to Point video/web conferencing capacity for groups - current software includes:
    • Skype
    • Microsoft Lync (soon to be replaced by Skype for Business)
    • PolyCom H.323 videoconferencing client
  • Flexible furniture
  • AV with controls
  • Dimmable and auto on/off lighting


Beginning in January 2015, reserve the Collaboration Center for research meetings and events at

Video/web conferencing; large screen LED display.

Large screen projector display.